Gay furry blog

gay furry blog

Hey there! This blog's for all those yiff lovers like me out there. I post as often as I can and take up whatever requests you send me. My Kik is also foxmilkshake if. Hi I'm shadow I live in the u.s.a my I'll try to post at least one comic every few days. None of these images are mine unless I say so. Are you gay bi or straight???? and last question do you just love gay furry stuff???? I hope you answer all my questions??? I am a male. I'm gay. Yes I do like. Gay Yiff by jaewolf Vancouver Coyote by vancouvercoyote. Cub Furry and Shota by queninou Reblogged 8 months ago from bfgays Originally from yiffinaround Bowser Sex God Part 2 by bowsersexgodpart2. Wondering Around by osirisfaction. Lets Furk this place to the ground! Yes All The Yiffs by siryiffsallthetime. Your browser is ancient! The Pink Fluff Ball by pinkfoxyboy. That one furry by dustymarshmellow. Land of Geysers and Frogs by dantelupine.

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